Block Party Application

Help your block party be the best it can be by checking out our Block Party Grant Guide .

Music, barbecue, games and laughter — block parties are a great way to spend time with the neighbors you already know, and to learn the names of those new people you wave to from the porch, or see waiting at the bus stop. But block parties are also a party with a purpose. They can be the springboard for forming a strong neighborhood organization and building the trust, respect and honest relationships needed to solve community problems and tackle tough issues.

Block parties are a great way to celebrate all of the good things about your neighborhood, and to learn even more about your strengths and skills. That’s why the Neighborhood Resources Connection supports block parties through the $150 Block Party Grant Program and offers this guide to help your party be a success.

The guide includes event planning tips, suggestions for sparking a discussion on forming or strengthening your neighborhood organization, and the information and forms for NRC’s Block Party Grant Program.

Also, please be sure to complete the NRC Block Party Grant Application and if you plan to close your street, you’ll need to send the City’s Block Party Permit application at least 4 weeks prior to your block party.