Sunnymede Neighborhood Association

Current president is Jill Wygant-LaFountain at

Meetings in most months are at 6:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday at the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church ( intersection of Belmont, Bronson and Sunnyside streets).


Although our borders are the south side of Jefferson Blvd., north side of Mishawaka Ave., west side of Greenlawn Av. and the east side of Eddy Street, surrounding neighbors are welcome and encouraged to join this Facebook group.

A Sunnymede Facebook page is available for the group.

Members of the East Wayne Street Historic District function as a separate neighborhood group within the boundaries of Sunnymede. Contact Donna Pangburn for information through the neighborhood group Facebook page.

Learn more about Sunnymede’s historic character at this St. Joseph County link.